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Combined Ocean and Land Products

Several parameters within the MOD04 Level 2 product, although produced separately by the land and ocean algorithms, are merged into joint Scientific Data Sets (SDS).

A list of these parameters listed by SDS name is provided in the table below.

The Optical_Depth_Land_And_Ocean SDS is convenient for users who simply want to use our suggested quality data and only need AOD from the 0.55 micron channel.

Users who want more control over their choice of QA data and/or want AOD at other wavelengths should use the AOD Land SDS or the AOD Ocean SDS

Combined Ocean and Land SDS

SDS Name Dimensions Notes
 Optical_Depth_Land_And_Ocean  X, Y

Only highest quality land data (QAC ), Ocean data with QA 1, 2 and 3

0.55 micron channel only

 Image_Optical_Depth_Land_And_Ocean  X, Y All quality AOD from 0-3.  Suggested use is for images only
 Land_Sea_Flag  X,Y  
 Land_Ocean_Quality_Flag  X,Y  Integer values for QA with a range of 0 - 3

 X (500 m)

Y (500 m)

 500 m resolution cloud mask used in retrieval

 X (500 m)

Y (500 m)

 Distance from each pixel to nearest cloudy pixel (in pixels)

 X (10 km)

Y (10 km)

 Average distance to cloud in 10 km box.