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General MODIS Reference Links:

Site Description
MODIS Home Page General information about the MODIS sensor including links to the discipline teams
MODIS Sensor Specifications Physical characteristics of the MODIS sensor including bands, band resolutions, overpass times

MODIS Atmospheric Product Links:

Site Description Companion Materials
MODIS-Atmos Website This is the main reference site for the MODIS atmospheric products. Detailed explanations of the products, browse images, links to tools and references are available here. Guide to the MODIS-Atmos Site
LADSWEB This is the main archive to obtain MODIS atmospheric product files. Ladsweb walkthrough and guide
Reverb / ECHO system NASA EOSDIS data and metadata search and ordering tool.  
iCARE CNES visualization, search and order tool. Site also includes data analysis tools.  

Imagery Links:

Site Image Type / Time Period Coverage / Image Size Available Formats
MODIS Rapid Response True and False Color Images.  2002 - present Global coverage / Granule Images (Raw not reprojected)


MODIS - Atmos Granule Images True Color Images.  2000 - present Global coverage / Granule Images (Reprojected) JPG
MODIS-Atmos Hi Res Images

True and False Color Images. Product images.

2001 Present

Global coverage. Interactive 20 Km or 5 Km resolution NA
MODIS Today True and False Color Images. 2007 Present. Continental U.S.  250, 500 and 2000 Meter regional and composit images. GIS, KML, JPG
NASA ARSET Overview and summary of image types and links to image sites.    


Visualization and Image Tools:

These sites and or tools provide a combination of image and product visualization capabilities.

Site link Description Presentation Link
 NASA World View  Site which allows very fast visualization of MODIS aersosol and cloud parameters as overlays on true color images as well as data from many other sensors.    Introduction to Worldview 
 Giovanni Home Page Main access page for all of the Giovanni instances  
 Giovanni Express Page Newest interface for Giovanni analysis